jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

"My last adventure with the googlers and Vint Cerf...to get back my blog " y también "Mi ultima aventura con los googlers y con Vint Cerf"....para volver a dar vida a mi blog

            Mi post anterior publicado hoy lo escribí en verdad el pasado 27 de julio viernes, pero no pudo ser subido porque mi blog ya andaba hackeado. So I have to tell the story of the hacking of my blog in a few words now:

            This a very short post, on my renewed blog since yesterday evening, to let you all know what has happened since last friday the 27th of july, almost a week from today, on my blog with Google, joseluispardosperez.blogspot.com which I have with google's blogspot, in the following server location: Mountain View, United States and which I have been typing since the 14th of april 2011 just at the 80th anniversary of the Second spanish Republic, when I decided to "celebrate" this important day in the spanish contemporary history, by climbing up the great rock of "La Atalaya" (over 700 meters high) which is where we have our Foundation "Los Álamos" that you can browse at fundacionlosalmaos.es in english, french and also in spanish, and I wrote my first post for the above mentioned blog.

            I enclosed one picture of the Republican flag which was raised at the pic of the "Atalaya" rock. 

            On last friday morning the 27th and before leaving Madrid for Biarritz, I could not access my mail. My usual password did not work, so I called on a friend, and he restored the google mail with a new password, but then we discovered that our Patrons from "Los Álamos" Foundation were also unable to access our blog, and we came to the conclusion that it was hijacked.

            I informed my very good friend Vington G. Cerf, who actively put me in contact with the Google's bloggers, who in a matter of two days restored, and advised me how to get back to my blog again. It was a very difficult days. I can not express how hopeless I was, how desperate, because it is a very long blog, begun on the 14th of april 2011, on a daily basis. But two very nice guys from Google's blogger team, Brett Wiltshire and  Tadek, from the bloggers team in California, restored my blog back to life again.

            They have help me, in a few seconds, to review and installed again my blog in the right place again.

            I want to thank them from this very same blog, and I will promise to keep a constant eye on my blog to make impossible a new hijack of the blog again.

            Hope it works this time, and thanks again to the exceptional bloggers team in California, for the wise, human and efficient way they have helped me on this occasion.

            Gracias de nuevo a todo el equipo de los bloggers en California, por su eficaz ayuda, a través de mi buen amigo Vington G. Cerf, y la colaboración, siguiendo sus instrucciones de mi primo Miguel Gual, desde Cieza, cuando logró restaurar el blog, en la tarde de ayer miércoles 1 de agosto, que difícilmente podré olvidar.

            Gracias, de nuevo, a todos los que han cooperado en la restauración de este blog.

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